June 10-11 | Polyvalent Hall BT Arena | Cluj-Napoca | Romania

What are the Workshops?

Attend carefully curated, accessible only for ticket holders Techsylvania workshops. Created for an ultimate hands-on experience, provided by some of the most qualified experts and companies from around the world, the ten workshops will offer answers to technical questions, product challenges and business development issues. The workshops are available during the conference days, on June 10–11. The capacity is up to 100 people. Join one of the ten informative and interactive workshops.

Accessible only for ticket holders

Capacity of up to 100 people/ session

Addressing hot issues of the 21st-century

June 10,  – 

Modern operations approaches for microservice architectures

André Duis – Domain Owner & Alexandra Varzaru – SRE Product Owner

The new way of building distributed systems using agile methodologies brings new challenges to how we are operating these systems. This workshop will tackle topics like DevOps, SRE, Error Budgets and we will discuss different models of leveraging Cloud Infrastructure.

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June 10,  – 

Venture Deals. Tricks and tips

Achim-Sorin Răzoare, Partner Laurenţiu, Laurențiu & Associates

A practical approach to the different legal mechanisms and tricks used by those investing in a startup. An insight into the risks and issues that should be addressed when concluding an investment contract and the legal tips that could make the difference between profit and loss.

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June 10,  – 

Journey Mapping – It’s not just a pretty picture

Caroline Zenss, Principal Interaction Designer// Macadamian

Journey Mapping, is a powerful took for visualization, participatory feedback, alignment and empowerment. This presentation will cover the fundamentals of how to create a journey map, and will also step through a project example to illustrate its use for: documenting a persona’s journey, aligning people on that journey, and communicating insights from research.

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June 10, 2 – 3

Human-Centered Product Design

J Cornelius / Founder & President 

A practical guide to building digital products people love in the buyer-driven economy. The economy has shifted. It was seller-driven, when companies could be successful with limited customer research and brute-force marketing. Now it’s buyer-driven, where anyone can find products and services to fit their needs in just a few clicks. It’s time companies embraced customer research, and rapid-prototyping, and built meaningful value propositions based on real customer needs and wants.We’ll look at the 5 Phases of product design and lay out a playbook for success in the new age.

Key Takeaways

1/ Product design is not a linear process, rather it involves tight collaboration and fluid switching between diverse skill sets.

2/ Customer research is an art, and applying some simple methodologies can help create a clear vision of customer needs.

3/ Successful businesses make research and prototyping an integral part of their culture, using research and data to drive critical product and business decisions.

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June 10,  – 

Fitbit beyond the devices: building experiences across 3 different screens

Alexandru Badescu / Lead Software Engineer, Andrei Dragomir / Staff SW Engineer 


What does it take to run and maintain a fitness system used by tens of millions of people every day ? The Fitbit engineers will talk about the next system that we use to open up the Fitbit platform and scale it out to thousands of developers. We want to take our features to market faster, cheaper and safer while moving an entire services ecosystem to the cloud.

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June 10, 5:0 – 6

Scale-up Internationally with digital

Anabela Luca / CEO adLemonade

Growing a business is hard, but not impossible. It takes vision, the right team and the right skills. We will immerse you in the knowledge of scaling fast internationally by presenting you the tools and insights to help you conquer the global markets. Stats, trends and case studies and well as hands-on experience of over 10 years of handling digital internationally, all will ensure a time well spent and an actionable check-list once you leave the workshop, ready to scale-up.

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June 11,  – 

NLP in fintech

DR. KAROL PRZYSTALSKI / Managing Director, Codete

The workshop is divided into three parts. The first part is a short overview of NLP methods, so everyone who is not familiar with NLP can understand why NLP is commonly used in NLP. In the second part, we focus on use cases and how to NLP is used in the financial industry. This includes intent recognition, time series NLP analysis,  sentiment analysis, term relationship and text generation. Each part is followed by examples in Python showing used NLP/NLU and machine learning methods. Finally, we explain the current trends of NLP usage for finance companies.

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June 11,  – 

Easy steps to conduct Lean User Research

Valli Ravindran / UX Lead, Google

Whether you are a team of 1 or 15 you need help making quick, smart decisions to validate your idea or product efficiently. This talk will demystify how to conduct research without being a qualified researcher and how to use lean methods to get the most insight for your time. This talk will cover tools, techniques and case studies from the speaker’s experiences at Google.

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June 11, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

How to process 50TB of data per month using serverless technologies

 Razvan Bretoiu – CTO & Darius Bogdan – Full Stack Developer


In a world where data is the new fancy thing, learn how you can create Pipelines for processing data using serverless technologies from Google Cloud Platform. This workshop will help you understand how to use serverless technologies like Cloud Functions, Cloud Run and BigQuery in order to store and analyse data.

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June 11, 2:40 – 3

Augmented Reality on Android

Alexandru Gherghina – Senior Android Engineer @Cognizant Softvision

Due to recent hardware advancements, Augmented Reality has begun helping us see the world in a whole new way. From interactive learning to virtually remodeling your house or gaming, ARCore allows us to create immersive augmented reality applications with minimal development time. Google’s platform provides an easy way of building novel and collaborative AR experiences without learning complex frameworks such as OpenGL.

Starting off with an entirely new concept is sometimes tough. This workshop will help you set up your first AR project by going through the ARCore integration with the Android framework.

We will then see how simple rendering of virtual objects and interacting with them can be, and how the standard Android Animator API can be used to bring AR objects to life.

At last, we will go through some more advanced concepts you may stumble upon, such as detecting when objects collide or interacting with lights.

Bring your laptop and your own Android testing device!

Software requirements: Android Studio and a git client installed before the workshop starts.

For AR you need to either have a device from the list of supported devices , or you will need to have an emulator setup.

Alex is a Senior Android Engineer in Cognizant Softvision, Bucharest Studio. Although his main focus is on mobile application development, his interests also include game programming, networking and operating system internals. Alex is a continuous learner and he makes a good habit of keeping up to date with the latest trends in technology and engineering. Alex is also a big fan of Augmented Reality and has been a part of developing multiple such applications.

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June 11, 3 – 4

 Convolutional neural networks (CNN) explained

 Cristian Lungu, ML Trainer / Consultant

The most spectacular advancements in Deep Learning nowadays lie on the image processing domain. In the last few years we’ve seen demos of self driving cars, filters for transforming your photos to van Gogh styled paintings, Face ID locks, Google Goggle like apps that can annotate the world around you and many many other applications.
All these example use as building blocks the convolution, a small but really important unit for large Deep Learning systems. Convolutional neural networks have become a de-facto standard in every ML toolbox. Their usage is not limited to image processing but to language understanding and signals processing as well.
This talk aims to offer an in-depth view of what convolutional networks are, how they work, why they are useful and where they are used.

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Workshop Hosts

Ashley Carroll


Partner at Social Capital (Runs a $1.2 Billion VC Fund)

David Campbell

Senior Software Developer at Macadamian

Mihail Subtirelu

Front End Developer – Metro Systems

Adrian Staniloiu

Senior Frontend Developer at Metro Systems

Alexandra-Diana Cohutiu

Managing Associate at Laurentiu, Laurentiu & Associates

Anabela Luca

CEO at adLemonade

Laszlo Kovacs

Managing Director at CyberSolutions

Vlad Trifa

Chief Product Officer at Ambrosus

Julia Krysztofiak-Szopa

President of the Board at Startup Poland

Stefan Mathe

Senior Computer Vision Engineer at Bosch Engineering Center

Paul Dragan

Computer Vision Engineer at Bosch Engineering Center Center

Dan Mihaiescu

Founding Partner at GapMinder Venture Partners

Cristi Lungu

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at ComplyAdvantage

Topics include

  • Deep Learning for Automated Driving
  • Building Image Classification Models for Medical Diagnostic
  • Adverse Media Threat Intelligence using Machine Learning
  • Product Management Best Practices
  • Exploring GraphQL with React and Node.js
  • Raising Funding For Your Startup: From The Classic VC-type Funding to Blockchain Cryptocurrencies and ICOs Based Funding
  • I’m a Small Company, But I Like To Think Big: Online Marketing Case Studies
  • I’m a Small Company, But I Like To Think Big: Online Marketing Case Studies
  • Driving Personalization for Leading E-commerce Vendors
  • Start Your BigData Experience Today with Apache Spark
  • Fundraising for Technology Products in CEE
  • IoT <3 Blockchain: How to Build a Trusted Web of Things
  • Startup Breeding in Central Eastern Europe. Where to Go and What to Expect?