Discover Transylvania

Lonely Planet’s #1 destination to travel to, a place of breathtaking views, legendary castles and vampire myths, Transylvania is definitely a place to visit. Come and embark on a culinary and Bacchic journey through the central part of Transylvania and taste the old traditional flavours.

In June, 8th-12th, discover a region full of history and an event writing history in the technology and business world, Techsylvania. Join a community of 3.000 engineers, founders, investors, executives and CEOs of IT & digital companies, banks and pioneers of growing startups from across the world. Be inspired by 50 international speakers.


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Lonely Planet has named Transylvania  a world top region and  Romania’s burgeoning art capital.

The international press has been praising the city for it’s cultural, artistic and touristic appeal:

Over 12 000 professionals are performing in local IT companies, waiting to be joined by more than 1 000 upcoming experts to graduate a technical or Computer Science university each year. Add a serious amount of tech & startup events, startups & SMEs, coworking spaces and accelerators and you get a vibrant community.

Our Techsylvania speakers from across the seas have been impressed by what they have seen here.

Romania has some real contenders in the start-up world, and Techsylvania brought the new ones to light.
Thomas Roth-Berghofer

Founder & CEO, University of West London

Cluj as a city will become (if it isn’t already) a beacon of software innovation for Europe.
Nima Banai

Special Projects Director, Misfit

If you want to get a pulse of tech innovation, ecosystem, talents in Eastern Europe, Cluj is one of the most exciting places right now.
Joyce Shen

Director of Emerging Technology Partnerships and Investments at, Thomson Reuters

Cluj has a lot to offer, in resources as well as in ideas. I was also happy to exchange experience on start-up support in Kaiserslautern and London. The city is on the right track.
Thomas Roth-Berghofer

Professor, University of West London

You just have to visit to get a real sense of what Cluj is all about and how the dynamic of the ecosystem changes for the better every year.