Be part of the Techsylvania Team

We’re looking for proactive people with a “can-do” attitude to design, propose and create great experiences who want to be part of the leading technology event in Eastern Europe.

We’d like to discover more, have more fun and offer all those who join a great experience. And that’s why we want to create a strong and motivated team to move things further and have an impact.

Why apply


✔ You will have the unique opportunity to make a contribution to the community

✔ You will learn how great events are managed

✔ You will learn how to react in unexpected situations & difficult moments

✔ You will identify possibilities for personal skills development

✔ You will strengthen your CV

✔ You will receive a diploma or/and practice certificate

✔ Complimentary food & beverage during volunteer shifts on the house

Choose what fits you best


The Smile Provider

You will provide access to the event by verifying the tickets at the entrance. You will acknowledge and provide information about the event and the event’s programme.

What we expect

You will have to prove your attention to details, a friendly attitude but also a contained attitude if needed and seriousness. Punctuality and the capacity to work well in a team are particularly appreciated.


The Logistics Hero

Beyond technology, Techsylvania also means handling a great number of physical resources. Furniture, decorations, equipment and accessories. True heroes not only know where to find all these items at all times, they are also the ones who carry and install them.

What we expect

Show us that you are well-organized and that you pay attention to details. Punctuality and seriousness are as important as your sense of humor. Also, it is recommended that you have a good physical condition.

The Tech Wizard

You will provide technical assistance in the locations.

What we expect

Technical knowledge about cables, computers etc. IT basic knowledge, networking


The Coffee Master

Coffee Breaks are one of the most important part of the day. You will make sure that everyone is energized during the event.

What we expect

To be a detail-oriented team player. You will also have to be extremely sociable and never stop smiling.


The Lookout Brigade

They are the volunteers who make sure whoever needs to enter at a certain side events is there, and who should not enter, is not. You will direct the public and help create a flawless experience for our participants

What we expect

To be punctual, serious and detail-oriented. To be able to say no to people with patience and diplomacy.


The Location Star

These are the volunteers that are making sure every day goes smoothly during the event. They will make sure it all goes according to plan from a technical point of view (microphones, sound system, lights) as well as logistically (the room is set, the location is clean).

What we expect

To have an eye for details, good organizational skills, a friendly attitude, availability to offer information and manage surprises.


The Partners Helpers

You will help our partners to set up their booths. You will ensure the installation of equipments before the event and their uninstalling at the end of the event.

What we expect

To be tuned in for the work, to be reliable and to also have good physical condition.


The Communication Ace

Here are the volunteers that gather, know and distribute all the information regarding the event.

What we expect

You have to provide any information as clearly as possible. Excellent English skills are required.

The most important thing when filling out the form is to make sure that you can come to Techsylvania in the days and time slots promised.

Being a big event, each absent volunteer leaves a place where others will make more effort to cover. We are a team, we must know that we can rely on each other.