Sean Kane

United Kingdom

Co-Founder & CEO of F6S

Sean Kane is a candidate with the life mission to build companies, solve problems and drive innovation. His most recent endeavour F6S Network – where founders grow together – is the world’s largest platform for founders enabling them to interact with investors, accelerators/ incubators, corporates and talent in a quick, efficient and effortless way.

Prior to found and lead F6S development, Sean has been successful in starting and growing global teams in the media, mobile and user-content areas, playing leading roles like General Manager for in Japan, General Manager of International at AOL and Global Head of Mobile at Bebo (acquired by AOL for $850M).

After driving disruptive market leaders in the media, mobile and user-content markets, he started on the mission to reshape the startup ecosystem. Sean (with co- founder Jon Bradford) created one of the first startup accelerator programs in UK, called Springboard, which later merged with Techstars. It was along the development of Springboard that Sean came across the problem of “how to engage worldwide tech-startups?” “how to support the connection between acceleration/ innovation programmes and tech-startups“… the opportunity to develop F6S concept. This has been the main Sean’s challenge over the last years.

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