Don Lothrop


Founder of PressOne

From 1993 to 2005, Don was a Managing Partner at Delphi Ventures, a healthcare venture capital fund. Delphi has raised $1.1 billion to invest in 170 medical device, biotechnology and healthcare service businesses. Over 100 of these businesses achieved liquidity through public stock offerings or acquisition.

Prior to Delphi Ventures, Don worked at KPMG, General Mills, Bain & Company and Marquette Ventures.

In 2006, Don formed New Vista Partners, LLC to invest in Romanian real estate businesses that capitalize on the growing market for ‘wellness’ communities. His 150 hectare Colina Noua project outside Cluj allows families to thrive on the oxygen rich air, natural water resources, biologically rich soil and wide open spaces that are the foundation of good health.

In 2015, Don formed PressOne, which has grown into one of Romania’s most respected independent media companies.

Don has a BS in Accounting from Penn State University and graduated as a Baker Scholar from the Harvard Business School.

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