Matt Michelsen


Silicon Valley Insider

Matt has co-founded multiple companies and is an advisor or board member of 8vc, Formation 8, Unikrn, Palantir Technologies, and Gunnar Optiks.

During his career, Matt has worked closely with the following companies, funds, and public figures: Unikrn, Ergo, Goldman Sachs, UBS, Nelson Mandela, Lady Gaga, Joe Lonsdale, Addepar, Dash Radio, iModules, Zanbato, UNX, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Nike, Cirque Du Soleil, ProActiv, Zynga, YouTube, MLBPA, Conde Nast, Hearst, Nando’s, P&G, UBER, Machine Zone and The United Nations.

A former Army Ranger and Kona lronman finisher, Matt lives in Rancho Santa Fe, California with his wife, Jennifer, and three sons. Matt received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Rhode lsland.

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